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Murals for Childrens Bedroom Decoration  

The Artist

My name is Paul Holman and I live in Liverpool. I have always loved painting from a small age and so completing a degree in art was always my ambition.
Since the early 1990s, my work has involved the creation of murals based on well known children's themes and characters. In my work, I reconstruct fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of our childhood and adult culture. My work also addresses happy colourful scenery with as much detail as possible for the scale of the subject. These themes are often combined with the metaphors commonly used by Disney and other artwork catered for and loved by children.
My earliest Mural work was requested by Alder Hey children's hospital, which was a large painting of the well known Thunderbird characters with Tracy Island in the back ground. This was painted onto free standing boards which were used as a prop for fund raising events around the North West. From here I completed children's murals for relative’s children painting such subjects such as Star Wars and Dinosaurs smashing through the bedroom wall.
This enabled me to move forward and start my own business as a mural artist, specialising in children's bedroom decoration. I became aware of how to develop techniques to allow me to paint large areas with as much detail as possible in the least amount of time, without impacting the quality. This has enabled me to paint great pieces of artwork at affordable prices to everyone.
I have since built up a portfolio which demonstrates what I can achieve. I paint in child safe mediums such as acrylics, emulsion, poster paints, using tools from brushes, craft knives and the air brush. I am also open to suggestion and challenges regarding subject matter and am able to state that 'you suggest any topic or theme and I will do the rest'.

Besides murals I have also built up a business painting on canvasses. I have been paining artwork onto canvas for as long as I care to remember and covered many subjects from still life to contemporary and abstract pieces are always very popular. I have been commissioned to reproduce artwork in various styles and love to be set a challenge.